Purchasing Service

There may be periods of time during your employment when you were not contributing to the pension plan. The following gaps in pensionable service are eligible to be purchased:

  • Non-permanent service worked in the two years immediately prior to becoming a member
  • Previously refunded contributions, if non-vested
  • Maternity/parental/adoption leave

If you purchase an eligible period of time, it will increase the pension benefit amount you receive at retirement.

To do so, you must apply by submitting a Purchase of Service Application (PDF) to the Pensions and Benefits office. Once you apply to purchase service, the cost will be calculated and you will be provided with payment options. The cost to buy service is based on one- or two-times contributions, depending on the service type.

Service can only be purchased within the following time limits:

Type of Service When Application Must be Submitted
Service Worked Before Becoming a Member (up to 2 years)
Calculated at 2x contributions
Within 24 months of becoming a member of the PSPP
 Buyback of Non-Vested Refund
 * Cost is the original gross refund plus effective interest at date application is submitted
Within 24 months of the refund date
EARLY election Maternity/Parental/Adoption Leave
Calculated at 1x contributions
Within 12 months of the end of the leave
LATE election Maternity/Parental/Adoption Leave
Calculated at 2x contributions
After month 12 and up to month 24 following the end of the leave